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P3 fellowships have ended, but program continues

Predictive Plant Phenomics program party

The NSF-funded Predictive Plant Phenomics program has ended its fellowships and grant programs but P3 trainees, faculty and external advisory board members joined in celebration of what has been accomplished since the program was established in 2016. NSF designed NRTs to end after 5 years of funding with the intention of successful program elements becoming institutionalized at their universities. Due to the pandemic, P3 was able to extend its funding for an additional year.

Several elements of the P3 program will continue at Iowa State University. Two courses created for the P3 program will continue: Fundamentals of Predictive Plant Phenomics (BCB/ME/GDCB 585) and Entrepreneurship for Graduate Students in Science and Enigeering (EE/ME/BCB/GENET/ENG 693x). The Plant Cy-nce Toy Boxes that were assembled for the Fundamentals course are still available for check-out by any graduate student, regardless of their enrollment in the course or participation in the P3 program (contact Prof. Lawrence-Dill to checkout a Plant Cy-nce box). The Graduate Student Organization (P3GSO)will also continue: this group is responsible for planning the annual Predictive Plant Phenomics Symposium, which has been sponsored by Corteva Agrisciences. Interest in joining the P3GSO should be directed to

Group photo of P3 program trainees, faculty and advisory board members.

We look forward to seeing these amazing trainees graduate from Iowa State University and begin their careers!