P3 faculty, Lie Tang, to pursue in-field soybean 3D-sensing technologies

October 19, 2020

Lie Tang, professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, has been awarded frunding form the Iowa Soybean Research Center for continuing his work creating 3D-sensing technologies.


Tang will receive funding for a two-year project on “In-field soybean seed pod analysis on harvest stocks using 3D imaging and machine learning.” Through advancement of 3D-sensing technologies, Tang’s Agricultural Robotics lab at Iowa State University has made breakthroughs in field-based plant trait identification, or phenotyping, for maize and sorghum. With funding from the Iowa Soybean Research Center, they will work to extend those technologies and innovations into field-based soybean plant phenotyping. Read full article here.


Congratulations, Dr. Tang!

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