P3 Grad Organization hosts Sandra Truong in new seminar series

October 29, 2020

Today, members of the Predictive Plant Phenomics Graduate Student Organization are hosting a discussion with Corteva research scientist in predictive ag, Dr. Sandra Truong. She works on the design and optimization of agricultural systems. She received her bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and doctoral degree in genetics from Texas A&M University where she applied functional genomics and crop modeling to improve bioenergy sorghum. Her post-doctoral work in computational biology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory used quantitative and functional genetics to improve bioenergy feedstocks and human health. Now at Corteva, Sandra leverages computational and mathematical modelling to manage complexity in biological systems; her work focuses on methods to define, design, and traverse the productivity landscapes of cropping systems in order to find optimal practices for the agricultural community. She believes that the simplification of societal, economical, and biological complexity will lead to solutions that can help growers and society.


Her short talk was titled, "Design of irrigated cropping systems under limited resources". Her talk summary is below:

Most cropping systems management decisions are executed on relatively shorttime horizons, more frequently focusing on productivity outcomes within the current growing season. When management constraints extend to longer time horizons, optimal long-term strategies may differ from optimal short-term strategies. Via dynamical crop modeling, we examine the productivity of a variety of crop rotations in the water-limited western corn belt. This ex ante analysis considers an array of rotations, designing and testing multiple cropping systems, choosing from a set of crops. The optimal cropping system (rotation) changes with respect to resource constraints. This work presents the opportunity to inform management decisions, andcropping systems’ strategies crops given projected resource limitations.


You can view her presentation on the P3 YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/jZACbA0UtyA


flyer for Sandra Truong's discussion

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