P3 @ Phenome 2020

March 3, 2020

Predictive Plant Phenomics graduate students (P3GSO) made a big impression at the Phenome 2020 conference in Tucson, AZ.

The P3GSO organized two events at this year's Phenome conference, which is a part of the ASPB conference series: Graduate Student Phenotyping Sensors Workshop and a symposium on Predictive Plant Phenomics, which was part of the Corteva Plant Science Symposium Series.

Graduate Student Phenotyping Sensors Workshop

This workshop served as a space to demonstrate image analysis techniques, showcase the various sensors found in the Plant Cy-nce Toy Boxes (see photo to right) at ISU which can be applied in a greenhouse to measure plant attributes, and provide a quick guide to economical rover options. The codes used to program the image analysis and the paths for the rovers can be found on the P3 GitHub page (https://github.com/P3-NSF-NRT/P3_Corteva-Phenome2020-Workshop). P3 students broke into teams to share the items located at each of the three phenomics stations.

Symposium on Predictive Plant Phenomics

As part of the Corteva Plant Science Symposium Series, the P3GSO invited speakers from different levels of the profession (faculty, post-doctoral fellow, graduate student) as well as a Corteva scientist to present their work during the symposium. P3 students introduced attendees to the NSF NRT Predictive Plant Phenomics program at ISU as well as provided a recap of the Phenotyping Sensors workshop that had been held the previous evening, between introducing symposium speakers.


Students received positive feedback from attendees at the close of each event and look forward to planning the 3rd annual P3 symposium!


Thanks to Corteva Agriscience for sponsoring the workshop and symposium.


Thanks to NSF for providing travel grants to P3 students (Grant No. DGE-1545453). Please note: Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in these events are those of the presenters and other individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.



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