Zachary Lozier

Predictive Plant Phenomics Trainee - 2017 cohort
Graduate Research Assistant
Zachary Lozier

My undergraduate studies included secondary science education and biology where I obtained B.S degrees in life and physical science education as well as a B.S in biology. Additionally, I obtained minors in physics, chemistry, and informatics during my undergraduate studies. My undergraduate course work included courses covering the topics of molecular biology, cell biology, plant physiology, genetics, developmental biology, ecology, entomology, and evolution. I served as a supplemental instructor for the molecular biology and plant physiology courses where I reinforced the topics presented by the professor for each course.

Throughout my undergraduate studies, I completed projects including cloning the pGFPuv gene via the pBR322 plasmid within Escherichia coli, conducting an ecological survey of Bear Grass Creek Greenway in Louisville, KY, assisted in a study to estimate the populations of two variants of the peppered moth located near distilleries, studied the effects different wavelengths of light affect the development and growth of Alaskan snow peas, and developed a framework for an introductory course to applied bioinformatics for exploring college freshmen and AP high school students. I was also introduced to programming with Python and SQL.

Area of Expertise: 
Urban Ecology
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
B.S., Biology, Indiana University Southeast, 2017
B.S., Secondary Education (life and physical sciences), Indiana University Southeast, 2017
0079 Roy J. Carver Co-Laboratory, 1111 WOI Road