Plant Cy-nce Toy Boxes available, with new items!

September 30, 2020

The P3 program is now offering Plant Cy-nce Toy Boxes for graduate students on a check-out basis. (see checkout form at plant_cynce_box_checkout_form.docx)

Plant Cy-nce Toy Box

The boxes were designed for use in the Foundations in Predictive Plant Phenomics course (GDCB/ME/BCB 585) where each lab team receives a box of sensors, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. to measure light intensity, soil water conductance, barometric pressure, etc. These instruments are available to graduate students in any major program who are interested in applying these technologies to their research projects.


Each Plant Cy-nce Toy Box includes (visit link to view actual item from box):

Inventor kit – includes gear for an autonomous robot and works with Arduino

Gas & VOC/CO2 sensors & air quality breakouts (sold separately)

Accelerometer and compass

Digital infrared temperature sensor

Light sensor

Motion sensor

Speech recognizer

Distance sensor


12-color sensor & Color chip 

Soil moisture sensors (Vegetronix and Adafruit)

Arducam day-night vision for Raspberry Pi camera

Raspberry Pi 4

SD card



OLED display

Belomo triplet lens


Students enrolled in the P3 specialization also have access to DJI Mavic drones and AeroGarden in-home greenhouse systems.


Upon checkout, students will be asked to fill out an agreement form, which are available in the P3 office (1077 Roy J Carver Co-Lab). For more information, see p3_plant_cynce_box_agreement.docx

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