2018 Predictive Plant Phenomics Symposium 

Build, Grow, and Process: The Interwoven Aspects of Phenotyping

Friday, November 9
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
The Garden Room at Reiman Gardens, Ames, Iowa

The theme of our symposium, “Build, Grow, and Process: The Interwoven Aspects of Phenotyping”, captures the wide spectrum of disciplines that the P3 program encapsulates, and presents the phenotyping process from different angles.  “Build” refers to the engineering focus of our program, while “Grow” and “Process” refer to the plant biology and data science aspects


This symposium is organized by the students of the Predictive Plant Phenomics Program with support from Corteva AgriSciences through the former Pioneer Symposium Program.


Watch this site for updates including the full agenda, speaker bios, registration, and other details



Corteva Agriscience

P3 Symposium organizing committee:

Co-Chair                                    John Shook  
Co-Chair                                    Paul Villanueva    
Speaker Committee Chair         James McNellie    
Media Committee Chair             Kat Holan    
IT Committee Chair                   Clayton Carley    
Poster Committee Chair            Lyle Sisson   
Venue/Food Committee Chair   Therin Young  
Fundraising Committee Chair    Ashley Paulsen